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Congratulations to The Atlanta Braves' very own John Smoltz!!!

With tonight's win over their divisional rivals, the Mets, Smoltzy became the first pitcher ever to get 200 wins and 150 saves!! Ever. That's a big deal by itself, right there. Clear off his shelf at the Hall of Fame! Whenever he decides to retire, that is...

As a longtime Braves fan and an even longer baseball fan, I can testify that Mr. Smoltz is one of those guys that you want your kids to emulate. A class act, funny, a nice guy (met him once), and he just plain loves making a (long, long) living playing a kids game. Great, great guy - that kind of professional athlete you want to be in the forefront and succeed through the cameras.

Smoltz is a great representative, a great competitor, head and shoulders above being a fantastic pitcher, and one of the reasons I grew up loving the Braves. Congrats again, John!

(The fact that he went against long-time Brave (current Met) and equally great pitcher in my eyes, Tom Glavine, made this a fantastic game. I know - just know - that Tommy was the among first to shake John's hand tonight.)

(Oh, and John also handed his manager, Bobby Cox, win number 2,199. Not too shabby...)

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