Yes, I know I didn't post Friday. And yes, this is a quickie just to get something out there before I fall too behind.

See, the reason is that tonight is the 2-hour finale of 24 AND the finale of the 1st season of Heroes, two shows I've been following with a passion since the beginning. I'm not going to even try to ignore them and post anything close to substantial tonight. Maybe after.

So instead, here's the weirdest, most off-center WTF? Bazooka Joe comic you'll ever read.

(And, it's a modern one. You may find it yourself one of these days!)

Seriously... someone thought that was funny? Kid-funny? Huh. I'm confused.

(And, Heroes?!? Don't let me down, guys. You've nicely set up The Potential to end with The Awesome... Bring it home, now! Wow me.)

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SallyP said...

A dead fish joke! Har de har har har. This is why I gave up bubblegum. Well, that and I'm old.