No Raise for You!

Lois Lane: Dick.

Apparently salary is computed weekly over at The Daily Planet. And don't Jimmy and Perry both look pleased with their new figures?

Perry: My supply of Cuban's is ensured. Excellent.
Jimmy: Oh, boy! I can afford a new watch battery! I can cross the street again without fear!

And, it's proven for the umpteenth time in Silver-Age Superman stories that The Daily Planet has only four employees. And a publisher. Walt Disney.

I knew it.

Well, off to the Spider-Movie! Have fun, kids!

EDIT: I hate when I do this, but I always seem to find a better joke the second time I review my old posts. I probably should stop initially posting while inebriated.

... nah.


SallyP said...

What the heck? If Clark wasn't getting a raise, then why even list hiim on the sheet...which clearly states that it is only for people who got raises. Furthermore, WHY would the Daily Planet even be posting a list like this? Most businesses guard salary amounts like gold.

Yes, Clark, let her fall. And she can cram her $10 where the sun don't shine!

Adam Barnett said...

What Sally said.... if I worked somewhere raises were posted on a wailing wall, I'd be looking for employment elsewhere.

FoldedSoup said...

Oh, that's just the first panel of this piece of Silver-Age brilliance. Before it's over, Superman has slipt himself into Superman Red and Superman Blue, restored Kandor to normal, reformed all his villians and ended all crime, cured all known diseases, ended world hunger, stopped all wars and settled down to marry both Lois and Lana.

'Course, this may or may not have happened.