Tuesday Already?

Boy, that was a fun vacation! Not that I actually did anything, but I certainly had fun doing nothing! Well, not nothing, per say... but... um let's just say that I probably won't be frequenting a certain bar again anytime in the near future.

(Psst! Wanna know the warning signs that you've probably overdid it a bit? When your "Oh, just for a few hours" bar trip turns into a 2-day incident involving three cops, two bar fights, 4 dogs, a $125 bar tab, 3 strange women doing very strange things, a couple of hours where you forgot where your car is parked - but it's probably for the best that way, telling a perfect stranger that sure, you'll bail him out of jail - and knowing there's no way in hell you're going to do it, repeatedly calling one girl "Squiggy" because you can't remember her real name - and it seemed to suit her somehow, and waking up to learn that you had crazy-glued little plastic dinosaurs on the ceiling above your bed. Oh, and throwing up on the dog. Twice, I think. S'hard to tell, really.)

(FYI: No incident involving police, jail, or bar fights had anything to do with me. But it was fun to watch the drama of them all.)

Anyway, now that vacation's over, what's the first order of business?


umm.. can I take away his credit cards?

Whelp, still recovereing, so we'll make this one a quickie. For now.

(Above panel is from Lois Lane #4 (1959), a comic that I simply must own, and is quite possibly the first time the word "blog" was ever used.)

(And many thoughts, prayers, and good wishes to Adam, who lost a very close friend over the weekend. You did good, man. From the moment you first set eyes on him, you did good.)


SallyP said...

Boy Howdy! That sounds like some weekend!

That's a lovely Mama dinosaur by the way. Pretty big eggs though.

FoldedSoup said...

Eggs are the least of it!

...Hmmm... you've given me an idea about Dinos in comics...

(And only one of the girls called me up afterwards. And she pretended to be someone else. Because she forgot something. And was embarrassed. That was funny.)

SallyP said...

You lead an interesting life, my dear!