Season one ended tonight.

Great ride! I will be very close to the first in line to owning this series when it hits DVD. But I knew that after about 3 episodes.

Finale? Not ground-breaking, not too many Fuck YEAH moments like I wanted, but all in all.. excellent. Logical. Got it - and it fits. This show just .. umm.. *fits* super powers into an otherwise normal universe. It's NewUniversial for TV. And probably the greatest weekly suspense series for this particular comic geek in a long, long time (thinking late '80s Flash, as last time). It was consistently the office water cooler talk for my job from guys that hated comics initially. Guys I turned this series onto. In fact, I have fellow employees asking about similar comics based on their love for this show. Pushes the medium, I can testify.

So.. I know I'm kinda preaching to the choir here.. but if you've been putting this show off.. trust me and rent it when the season comes out. Or wait for the Sci-Fi Channel marathon to get into it. It's fantastic. Seriously.

Loved the ending. Wish it was a bit "bigger" though... but still, I'm a' happy!


Adam Barnett said...

You know, I liked the season finale. I agree it didn't surprise me too much, but to be fair, the writer's didn't hide much from you as the season went on. They could have pulled Nathan's abilities out at the last minute if they had wanted a shocker, but that would have been at the expense of Nathan's torment over betraying his own kind. At least it wrapped up all the plotlines and set us up well for the next season.

And if you don't have the Flash DVD box set, get it. It's even better than I remember it.

FoldedSoup said...

That's actually the main thing I was impressed with after watching it for a second time: It's carrying over very little major threads to the next season. That's a good thing. God forbid we get another "Lost."

It ended as it should've. I really don't have much to complain about - quite the contrary.. It was a very good episode. Talking it over with one of my buddies, the big complaint he had was that Sylar gets away at the end. But, I read enough comics to both be happy with that, and to expect it. Imagine the awesome reveal he would make in, oh.. say.. season 3!

And I will get the Flash box. Maybe even this weekend, since I've been thinking about it...

madpuppy said...

Actually, someone on another website had an interesting comment about Sylar- he thought the blood looked like someone had dragged the body away. Maybe Sylar did die, and the boogy man that Molly was afraid of took the body.

I'd prefer that over another season of Sylar chasing people down and stealing their brains.

FoldedSoup said...

...he thought the blood looked like someone had dragged the body away. Maybe Sylar did die, and the boogy man that Molly was afraid of took the body.

That's the most awesome-est thing ever! Thanks for forwarding that theory!

That would be too great for them not to do it. And I already *know* that Molly's Boogyman is going to play some significant upcoming part...