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Not many books offered this week that I particularly wanted - I only picked up 5 books. Not very many for me. And, unfortunately, all of them were pretty typical. And because I'm trying not to double up these posts and write about Y: The Last Man again (though, I must confess, I'm really looking forward to that one), there was another book that piqued my interest enough to consider it this week's most wanted.

That's a three page wrap-around cover that I'm too lazy to scan properly. It's spiffy.

Countdown #51
Writer: Paul Dini
Pencils: Jesus Saiz
Inks: Jimmy Palmiotti

This was basically an all set-up issue for a title that I'll most likely be buying for the next year - the first batch of plot threads was established, essentially. So, let's do this with bullet points, much like I did last week for this book's parent, 52:

- First of all, I have to say it. $3.00?!?! C'mon! That's $156, all told!! DC, you really could've scored some major fan points and kept it at $2.50. Or, if you really wanted me to love you a bit more, $2.00 would have been noticed. And applauded. And written about here. So, you'd have like four people reading my praises of you.

(That said, you got me. So, I suppose you're right to raise it. Damn you.)

- Nice cover.

- Awwww yeah... Page one is already with the Fourth World stuff. Bring it on!

- Desaad is done well. Dini gets him.

- Darkseid spash page! My Apokolips tattoo is tingling!

- Who is the pawn piece in the ball cap and fur-lined coat? Hmmm...

- Paul Dini is writing the Joker's daughter. Repeat that. The guy who created Harley Quinn is writing the Joker's daughter. This is gonna rock.

- And it does. She's great. Lame gizmos, though.

- Huh. I thought Mary Batson was about 8ish when not Mary Marvel. Actually, that's kind of a relief, knowing that this is coming later. And the "Shazam." rainstorm scene was great.

- Classic Rogue's Gallery! My, my!

- That in-house promo ad for this very book - the one where some indigo chick is sporting the "WWMMD?" button? A) Who is that? (guessing a new Eclipso) and B) how is that button pinned to her naked boobie?

- OK, one cool gizmo: Silly-String Taser. That's funny.

- Monitors. Interesting. Well, the multiverse is back, so that makes sense. Well placed.

- Source Wall. Awesome.

- Ray Palmer?!? OK, you've got me hooked. I'll be here next week.

So, we've got 4-5 (some are already interlacing) plots set up. All solid, all interesting to me with very good art to bring it home. That's the way to ensure you're gonna get my $150, DC. Bravo (and dang it!). Keep it consistent - especially the art, and you've got yourselves a winner - and a completely new way of marketing comics successfully, all told.

I understand Paul Dini (whom I trust as a writer explicitly) already has the whole thing written out in a huge 200+ page tome somewhere. If that's true, this shouldn't be nearly as disjointed as 52 felt at times. Indeed, this issue sets up its multiple plots much, much more solidly than 52 did. Part of that is because it's starting from a much more solid beginning, and the ending of 52 is pretty much responsible for that. After the first issue of 52, my thoughts were, "Huh. A bit confusing, but interesting. Decent enough to hold my interests for a few more of these - see where they go with it..." After the first issue of Countdown, I'm stoked. This is very promising. I hope the lack of a breakdowns guy doesn't make the art inconsistent from week to week.. but so far, so good!

I'm actually looking forward to a weekly comic. Who would've thunk it?

Most Wanted Panel

Yes. Yes, let's.

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SallyP said...

Oh, those wacky Monitors! No really, I thought this was pretty good, so that I was rather surprised by some of the kvetching going on at other sites. I am rapidly coming to the opinion, that a lot of people hate EVERYTHING!

Bring back Ray Palmer!