Oh, for Pete's Sake!

Hey! Guess what recent comic book kerfuffle made it to the national news!

And look how easy it is to put it in proper perspective by simply adding our favorite Batman adjective!


Seriously... I know I'm part of a very specific niche fanbase who "gets" the Goddamn Batman - and even likes it for what it is - but .. C'mon! How many of these "Boy, comic books sure aren't like they was back when you was a kid!" articles do I have to see in my lifetime? Plus they always (and by 'always,' I mean 'EVERY FUCKING TIME!') end with the same thing: "And .. did you see how much you can sell these things for?"


(Oh well .. happy weekend, everyone!)


Sea_of_Green said...

Yeah, these uncensored comics are worth a FORTUNE, I tell ya! A FORTUNE! ;-)

SallyP said...

Why, oh WHY does every single article about comics have to begin with "holy....!" It's been forty YEARS! I suppose it is because it is a handy trope, and because most writers are being lazy. Plus they don't know anything about comics.

Anonymous said...

You mean Batman comics might have curse words in them? But Batman is so kid-friendly. Just watch his latest movie, which dealt with a mass-murdering psychopath.

Of course, my opinion is that ASBARTBW shouldn't be sold to kids, or to adults.