Behind the Scenes

Let's have a little fun and see what goes on on around here when we take a step back and look....

Behind the magic!

Shall we?

Step 1: The Beginning
Find an interesting image that has some jokey potential:

Step 2: The Setup
Open your graphics editor of choice and resize the panel to better fit Blogger's image constrictions. Reduce the complexity and sample any colors off of the image that you might be needing later.

Step 3: The Funny
Think about something funny to follow the panel. Or, something funny to replace the panel's text with. Think hard! This is the most important step! If nothing immediately leaps to mind, go play guitar or something. Eat some pie. Check on your pr0n downloads. Or find a way to work Ambush Bug or The Goddamn Batman into it. If you still can't think of anything, you can stretch out a lame joke by using several smaller steps to build up suspense. You'd be surprised how often this works!

Step 4: Edit!
Change the image for maximum hilarity! Try to work it so that the text looks original and the image looks unmanipulated!

Step 5: Finish!
Post and laugh! Show it to your girlfriend for extra eye-rolling goodness!


Soupy Suggestion!!
A slightly ribald double entendre can be especially funny ... particularly if it can be mistaken as an innocent comment by a naive character!

Yay! Give yourself a hand! Soon you'll be editing the comedy just like the crappy pros do! Until Next Time!

(The finished product there was totally an accidental joke. But, wow! Is that a funny cover! HAHAHA!!!)


Mr. Popular said...

Everything's funnier with some goddamn Batman.

Sea_of_Green said...

The really funny thing is the guys in the background knowingly laughing at Betty's comment.

SallyP said...

The guys in the background are laughing because it's TRUE!

But is IS nice to see how the "magic" happens.