If This Be My Batcave

Official notice:

Soup and SexyNerdGirl are in hard-core house hunting mode, which takes up a lot of our spare time, what with there being so few Crime-Stopper Headquarters on the market out here in rural Idaho. Oh, and there's a big Roller Derby bout this weekend involving our Treasure Valley Roller Girls and the Jet City Bombers from the Seattle area. The former team of SexyNerdGirl, as a matter of fact. So, there's that whole old team / new team rivalry thing going on, which means lots and lots of derby practices and meetings. Y'know.. to dish the dirt on your old teammates.

Oh, and we've just started playing Spore. Wow, is that ever a fun game! Time killer, too!

As a result, expect a very sporadic posting schedule for the next week or so. Hopefully, we can soon get everything straightened out and go back to posting Jughead covers with photoshopped boobies. Or the Goddamn Batman. Maybe both.



SallyP said...

House-hunting! You lucky lucky devils. I LOVE looking at houses!

Sea_of_Green said...

Best of luck to you two, and be careful out there! :-)

Mr. Popular said...

See if you can find yourself a decomissioned missle silo.

SallyP said...

Oooohh...or one of those cool islands with a lair inside a volcano!