"Yeah.. but does it have a Bat-Pole?"

Just a Caption Quickie today .. got lots to do this week, some of which involves house shopping out of town. Sheesh, but that's an unpleasant process! You think people suffering under the financial weight of the "Gotta sell NOW!" buyer's market would appreciate me trying to lighten things up a bit with the odd "So... anyone die in this room? No? So, it's okay to have sex here, then?" comment.

People don't get me.


Always taking the joke a bit too far, Superboy razzes Tommy "Needledick" Baylor for the umpteenth time.

Busy, busy, busy!


Mr. Popular said...

Did you ask about any spectral brides/deep crows?

SallyP said...

My God, but Superboy was unbearable.

House-hunting eh? I blush to admit this, but I LOVE looking at houses. I always redecorate them in my head.