Bit under the weather today... trust me, the less I describe it, the better. So, nothing too substantial on the postage today.

But so as not to leave you guys with nothing*... I'll leave it at this:

I don't care if you have Super-robots in your fortress. Your Egyptian antique museum wing full of Nth metal? Ha! I laugh! Dwarf Star radiation in your university laboratory? Pffft. None of that means squat! You're all strictly Busch League! You wanna know why?

'Cause Batman has a Goddamn Dalek in his Sci-Fi Closet.

Absorb that, if you dare!

(And ... is that the head of The Iron Giant?!? Jeepers!)

* Double negatives are the Devil's Tetherball!


Baal said...

It took me this long to realize that cover of DC Comics Presents I've been looking at every time I check in here looks like Kobra is spanking Superman.

FoldedSoup said...

I see it as "Fist of FURY!" But, I'm odd that way.

That reminds me .. I really need to do another one of those acquisition entries and change that someday. I used to have a theme around here, dang it!

SallyP said...

Of COURSE Bruce has a Sci-Fi closet! Alfred is also charmingly calm about the whole thing.

And exactly who is is in the Justice League that he's referring to as being flamboyant?


Sea_of_Green said...

And Batman ISN'T flamboyant ...!

Poor Iron Giant. He'll NEVER be reassembled now -- unless all his pieces/parts can somehow crawl all the way from Iceland to the Batcave. Hey, it could happen!

googum said...

Feel better, Soup! And is it subtle irony that the "Sci-fi closet" looks like everything's hanging on pegboard?