Blatent Rip-Off Monday

Hmmm.. wonder what they were going for here... Li'l tyke seems awfully familiar...

Last Month...

Ah.. memories!

That reminds me.. I really need to write to my brother. Do they allow comics in county?

And why did Pat's mom keep her birth control in the kitchen cupboard?

A: 'cause in 1956, that's where her place was!

(B'dum, Ching!)

I keed, I keed...

EDIT: Hey! Check out what Mr. Popular drew over at Daily Sketch today!

Grimlock bringing me a fruit pie == teh awesome! (Is that how the kids are saying it?)

Thanks, man!


SallyP said...

If the dear little tyke had eaten all of her "special" candy, he should be exhibiting some rather interesting side effects, methinks.

Great drawing, by the way!

Sea_of_Green said...

Yeah, I like the drawing, too! Dinosaurs and pie go together like ... well ... dinosaurs and pie!