I just made that up! It's a headline combo of "Scabs" and "Boobies." Yep. Let's start with the scabs...

One of my dogs has had a weird skin injury that has been bothering her for a few days. Right on the top of her back, towards the butt end. A big pussy (Hi, Googlers!), scabby round abrasion. Nothing I haven't dealt with before (I thought) So, I've been tending to it, clipping the hair around it, rubbing on the first-aid cream and whatnot and keeping her from licking it as much as I can. In spite of that, it's started to spread, so this morning I did a doggie doctor web search and found an exact match.

My dog has ringworm. Fan-flippin'-tastic.

Ringworm, in case you didn't know, is not a worm, but a fungus that infects skin. Nothing too serious - a decent fungal cream will take care of it in a few MONTHS, but its spores are airborne, and it is communicable. Even to humans.

So, in addition to buying a new air filter and treating the doggie with several new creams, I'm having to wash everything daily to keep it from spreading to the other dog. And to me. And keep in mind that I've rubbed my unprotected fingers over this sucker for a few days now, not knowing what it was. As soon as I found out, I hit the shower scrubbing like a rape victim. *sigh*

The next few months are going to consist of constant housecleaning and daily laundry. Dangit.

Well, enough with the Scabs... bring on the Boobies!

Ahh.... I feel better...

No, I'm not ashamed. I'm giggling, if you must know.


Adam Barnett said...

penetra-vision sounds kinda dirty in and of itself....

SallyP said...

I don't think that I can replicate the sound I just made while reading this with a mouthful of hot tea. Let's just say that it was not dignified.

My goodness, but Clark is effective here!

Sorry about your poor dog. And your apparent impending doom.