Bad Jokes and Dog Puke

Hey! He's back!

Yep - I had great time at the Helmet show (Hiya, sexy nerd girl!), followed by another fantastic mini-vacation camping with some buddies. We all agreed that we stumbled upon the greatest campsite ever and plan to head back there frequently. Wild foxes visited us, we dined like kings, and even got some fishing in. In fact, aside from (merely) one instance of my drunken embarrassing rantings, the only thing that went wrong was when I awoke one morning to my dog puking on me. Right on my head, into my sleeping bag, sleep mat, blanket, et all. Ug. But, everyone else got a laugh out of it.

So... back! Usual posts will continue. Unless I get distracted. In fact, I have a few ideas abou.... Hey! a squirrel!

Let's loosen up a little and take the easy route by once again stealing a panel from Adam over at CMNS. He rightly complained that the original (go click) was not funny. Or, very dated humor. I'll go with not funny. We can repair the funny by using an old bar joke that actually is from the same time period, and one I may remember from a Bazooka Joe wrapper.

('cept, you know.. with soda instead of Bourbon. So sue me. I like Bourbon.)



Adam Barnett said...

Once again, a vast improvement over the original.

SallyP said...

Heh. Now THAT's funny.