Ug.. Brain Hurts!

Ok, I think I need help. I admit it.

I mean a few days ago, I'm searching The Google for funny comics (as is my wont!) and come across a single, out-of context panel that is so funny on the outset that I just saved it reflexively. I mean, if you stumbled across a Silver (Golden?) Age panel of a gorilla with a gun terrorizing a library demanding certain books to further his plot for world conquest.. well, you'd save it too! Trust me. You know you would.

But - and here's where I think I may have "teh brain troublies" - when I came across it again tonight, I thought I could make it funnier. Like that was even possible. I should have realized that right then and there.

But, NO! I furthered on with my first thought and came up photoshopping something that really suggests I need some kind of professional help.

Seriously ... who thinks up this shit?!?


(Oh! That reminds me! I need to free up some of my hard drive space and organize some "special folders!")

Happy Weekend, everyone!


Siskoid said...

Dr. Zaius... definitely a sex addict. So yeah, if the apes took over the world, there would be monkey porn. Absolutely.

That said. Only you could feverishly think of this stuff. And now I'm thinking it too...

SallyP said...

I can't quite put my finger on it, but there does seem to be something inherently funny about gorillas. And Monkeys.

So this HAS to be a DC book.

Nothing specifically about Bonobos? I mean those guys have sex ALL the time!

Bret said...

I have that book.
Unfortunatly, the Gorilla just wants the books for notes a scientist hid in it, not for the regular book content. Which would have been more awesome.