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9/11 Still gets to me, and I thought of posting something appropriate to the attack six years ago. But after reading through a few tribute comics and artist anecdotes, I started to tear up a little and decided that I didn't want to push anything too heavy and taint my reputation for making juvenile boobie jokes. (heh. "Taint." "Boobies." Hi, Googlers!) I'm trying to maintain a fun zone here, for cryin' out loud! And I hate being depressed.

So let's cheer up with a little ribald humor double entendre...

Meh. Too easy. Need something sillier.

Oh! Random Silver Age Aquaman panel! Always good for a chuckle!

Hee hee! Shark-ball! Makos ahead of White Tips 13-5!

Guess what? That's not an actual panel from a real Aquaman comic. But, gosh darnit, it could be!

Actually, it's another panel unscrupulously stolen from Adam over at CMNS. The original is itself inherently great Silver Age wacky fun (go click) and has another unintentional out-of-context double entendre. Hmm.. should've made it a theme post!

Photoshop is a fun distraction. I feel better now. God bless my country.

Hee hee.. shark-ball...


Adam Barnett said...

I had pondered doing something for the anniversary of 9/11 as well, but other folks were doing a much better job and I thought it would be better to try and give a smile that day. Glad I'm not the only one who thought that way!

Believe it or not, those were "Giant Boxing Shrimp."

SallyP said...

Oh the Rawhide Kid, what HAVE they done to you?

And shark ball? Heh.

Anonymous said...