Labor Day Over - Get Back to Work!

Hope everyone had a spiffy Labor Day holiday! Me? I did absolutely nothing. And that's exactly what I wanted to do. No road trip, no picnic, no housework, nothing. Just lots of watching sports and goofing off. Oh, and I made jerkey. Seriously. My place now smells of meat! The dogs are confused...

I did end up going through some old photos to see if anything was worth displaying and got a bit nostalgic. Ah, memories! Misty-watered colored memories!

Love those kiddie tight-pants!

(Hi, Googlers!)

(The hooka was actually lifted from the cover of an old Popeye, of all things. I may use it for a Jeanie joke somewhere down the road...)

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SallyP said...

Apparently the Kents have accessories lying around the house.

I know it's a hookah, but man, all I could think of,was bong!