Gah! Pass the bleach!

I've actually had this conversation. Well, close to it anyway.

Later That Day...

This isn't my original joke - it has roots solidly in one of the funniest threads ever hosted at I remember howling with laughter for several hours at the time as the posts unfolded and more and more jokes tried to outdo everyone else's. Sadly, that thread was a long time ago (in internet terms) so most of the hilarious photoshops have since exceeded their image hosting time/space limits.

I immediately thought of this when cruising for strange images to muck with - and I'm not certain, but I think I lifted this one from Sleestak somewhere in his archives. Just to give credit in case it's due. Plus, given his well-documented cat-love, I figured he'd appreciate another reason to question the toleration of their existence.

I like cats, really.

But Cats + lipstick = Good Comedy.

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SallyP said...

Oh great. Now I have that imprinted on my brain...and eyes.