Most Wanted

Going along with the weekly theme can get a bit anticlimatic when your LCS sells out of the one you were really looking forward to. But, we'll soldier on even without The Spirit #4. Dang it.

Out of the remainder of this week's haul, nothing really jumped out with anticipatory goodness, but it's alway nice to get an issue of a comic that's always good...

In Soviet Russia, Monkeys ride you!

Y: The Last Man #55
Brian K. Vaughan
Pia Guerra

I really don't know if I can say anything new about this fantastic series from the so-consistant-he's-scarey Mr. Vaughan. Seriously, please let this guy write about anything he wants. If he's created it, I'm reading it. And, as always, that cover rocks.

This issue begins what will be (I think) the second-to-last story arc. Or the last one. I forget. Y & and 355 (did you see what I did there?) are making their way across Russia to get to Paris where Y believes his schweete is hanging out. We also get a check-in with the two other sub-plots that have been hanging over the story for months. It's an all build-up issue.

Not one of the more exciting issues of the series, really, and it doesn't have one of the series' trademark cliff-hangers, but it's a darn fine character advancement, (semi-)talking-heads issue. And it's Vaughan, so it's written so well that you don't care. It's setting things up nicely for the last year or so (this book is going bi-monthly soon - maybe next issue), and as someone who's been on board since the beginning, I'm both aglee with anticipation and dreading the finality. This series will be in my collection for many years.

Most Wanted Panel:

Sound advice, there.


Adam Barnett said...

I'm very slow to read Vertigo titles, but I've been thinking I'll pick up Y when the series concludes so I can read the whole thing at once. Then, I can kick myself for not supporting it when it was in print. It's the little dance comics and I do.

FoldedSoup said...

Y is one of those titles that I have to read every week. (See my above entry for more explaination) Mainly, it's because Vaughan is on his game with the cliffhangers every freckin' issue (well, almost every one) and I kinda like that "Holy Crap!! What the hell?!? Wait a month!?!" anticipation he's brings to this book.

Seriously. It's awesome. But.. if you want the whole thing alltogether - it'll all be in some gigantic HardBack at one point, I'm sure.

But.. if you want that ... "What?!? No WAY! Oh, crap!" feeling that between issues leaves you with.. get the 1st trade. It'll only cost you $10 or so, but.. you'll be hooked like you can't believe. Everyone I've loaned it out to has been.. and it's a favorite of mine for people who have never read a comic before.