Testing the Relationship Bounds

I hope everyone had as good of a fantastic Valentine's / weekend holiday as I did! I didn't even have the ambition (or energy) to post on Friday, I had so much ... err... fun! Yourselves?

Good! Glad to hear it!

But now it's Monday -Back to work and more Juvenile Humor!

(Now with Bodily Fluid Goodness!)

Apparently, Steve was less than thrilled to learn I was a Body Fluidist. Or that I "marked" our wedding bed to be used during our nuptials.

But I still maintain I make one kick-ass Bloody Mary.

Hello?!? Disgusting Jokes Anon? Hello? Is this the DJA?!? Umm.. yeah...

This is Anonymous, right?

(Jeez, that one made me cringe!)

1 comment:

SallyP said...

What the...?! Steve is a NERD! Why in the world are his pants rolled up like that? Good Grief!

Oh, another one of those "Lost Weekends" eh, Soup?