Some Blind Dates Just Don't Have a Sense of Humor

Another great weekend, but over too quickly. And I was kept too busy to Photoshop anything resembling teh funnay. My bad.

So, come one and come all to see what happens when Soup doesn't clear out his mind's dirty recesses routinely. Brace yourselves.

"I couldn't wait to prove it, get her home and show her my homemade Rose Petal, Chocolate, and Tequila Sunrise enema."

See?!? This is all society's problem!

Or, it will be if I can get on disability...

(That one kinda grossed ME out. I mean, alcohol enema's BURN!

But, you get drunk all the quicker. Just ask Fell!

Kinda sorry. Kinda.)


Baal said...

You know what's funnier than knowing alcohol enemas burn? Knowing it because you were able to talk a dimwitted friend into trying it! Good times, good times...

SallyP said...

If this is a description of your weekend, I'm not sure that I want to know about it.

And exactly how do you KNOW that alcohol enemas burn?

sexynerdgirl said...

Baby, is this another one of those "onion layers" you keep telling me about?
Should I be worried that I just found tubing under the bathroom sink?

FoldedSoup said...

Nothing to worry about! I lost that bet, had my fill of that particular burning inferno, and have since never had another reason to consume alcohol in that way!

That tubing was simply so I can easily locate the vein, nothing else.