Extra Postal Boobage

OK, Okay! One more today... Just because it was too good to pass up!

Blatantly stolen through a recent entry from Sea of Green - an amazing "insert joke here" panel she found and posted for us:

(And, Boy! Was this one easy! I may use this Boobies ... err.. Image.. in the future!)

What Women Say:

What Men Hear:

But not YOUR guys, Ladies! No, no! ... we only focus on your eyes and on what you're saying! And, we know what you really mean! And how you really feel when you say it! Really! It's a deep Boobie connection!

I mean.. Ah, Dang it and Heck!

By the way - in case anyone wants to play along - Here's the blank. Thanks, Sea!


Sea_of_Green said...

Damn, that's funnier than what I came up with! Well done, Soup! :-D

SallyP said...


I've always imagined the two of them only hearing the "mwamwamwa" sound that the grownups use on those old Peanuts cartoons. They certainly aren't actually HEARING anything that Dinah says!