Vacation Delay

Yes, I'm still here. Sorry 'bout the wait. It all amounts to still fixing computer problems + fun vacation cold weather stuff + setting up new blog things + Super Mario Galaxy (My, God - is that ever a fun game!) + bad camera (see the previous) + work + laziness + stacks of books to read.

I'll be back soon. Got another camera on loan. And the back-from-vacation work thing should get me back off the lazy track.

Plus, I hear MJ's available again, Rowr ROWR!

So - sorry! Here's a disturbing out-of-context Superboy panel to make it up to you:



Sea_of_Green said...

Just don't take him near any fire hydrants, Krypto!

Welcome back, Soup! :-)

SallyP said...

Ahhh...some sweet sweet revenge for Krypto.