With that shelf life, you could stockpile them forever

It's looking like prequel joke week!

.0045 Seconds Earlier ...

Mmmmm... those do look good! Wonder if you can deep fry them?

Edit: Apparently, you can!



Sea_of_Green said...

Go to the Indiana State Fair next August, Soup. You'll not only see deep-fried Twinkies, you'll also see deep-fried Snickers Bars, Oreos, and cheesecake. Last year, they had deep-fried Pepsi.

I'm not kidding.

I kinda wish I was.

-- Sea

SallyP said...

EVERYTHING'S better when it's deep-fried!

I must admit that I DO love Twinkies. And, apparently, so does the Flash. I do have to wonder about the soldiers in the first scan however. Why do they keep trying to shoot each other? Is their sugar deprivation making their hands shaky?

Dan said...

We have potlucks when someone leaves the department at work. It's usually the ever boring pizza, salad, etc. When James left, Melanie whipped up twinkies, wrapped in bacon, battered and deep fried. Nothing like crunchy, bacony, creamy goodness. (Yeah, they were actually sorta gross, but I had to try one.)