Oh Noes!

The Invasion! It's spread beyond the comics page .... onto the comic strip!

Get your code words straight while you can! Hurry!

... Rest assured, this story will be followed as events warrant!

The Green, the Bear, and the Hideously Scarred

Wowsers, was Jonah Hex ever good this week! As usual. It always is. Jus' sayin'.

And as a bonus - teasers to some of DC's upcoming projects were cleverly hidden throughout the issue!

See ...?

Man, I can't wait!

(Some scans lifted from Siskoid, a man who may actually be looking forward to AB's return more than me!)

Just Visiting

No time for blogging! Have visitors!

Oh, alright... Here's a quickie. But just this once!

And by "once," I mean whenever I feel lazy again. So, frequently.

Seriously, we have a young'in staying for a few months, and it's going to be busy around here until everyone settles in. So, expect some less routine posts for a bit.

Oh, and please don't point him to this blog. It could only end in tears. Mine, most likely.

Gag Order

Featuring a bonus headline joke!

See? It's a gag Joke? Gag? Joke? Double meaning? Guy can't keep appropriately quiet? Even on a crappy Photoshop joke? Huh?

Aww... just me, then.

I just like saying "Gag." Gag. (Tee hee!) Gag gag gag gag gag!

Dear Bat-Movie Guys:

A little helping hand. Just 'cause I care.

Based on all the buzz I've been rabidly following, it looks like the upcoming Batman movie will primarily focus on the Joker while laying the groundwork and a strong lead-in introduction and origin for the third movie's main villain, Harvey Dent/Two Face. Now normally I would be worried that you're trying to overcrowd the movie with a *lot* of material, but in this case I trust you. Really. Because from everything I've seen, going back to the last movie, you seem to know exactly what it takes to make a good - nay, incredible, Batman movie. I'm all a-titter.

Y'See, usually I have a big problem with comic movies that seem to just scatter the bad guys at the screen like they were fired from a shotgun (I'm looking at you, Spiderman 3) as if somehow more was better. But you guys did a very good job juggling the first movie's two villains (and the teaser setup for a third) and this one seems to have everything in place, just so. I'm not worried.

I understand that the fourth movie's fate is sill undecided - that nothing has been planned either way as of yet - especially where bad guys are concerned (although I think we all know which feline-themed villainess would be the natural next choice). And here's where I want to help. I have, what I think, is an excellent idea that could form the backbone for a progression that starts with Harvey in the third movie and moves easily to Selena in the fourth. It's an idea that combines the mythos and reason de existance of each villain with a modern wacky internet craze. It's the foundation of the new age. It's the way all the kids today would do it.

And, I can sum it up with three words.

Harvey. Dent's. Cat.

You can take it from there.

(Happy weekend, everyone! )

Slipped Grip: Revisited

A few weeks ago Adam, over at Comics Make No Sense threw the bloggers a fantastic out of context panel that really deserved better treatment than I ended up giving it.

You know how I hate to let you guys down, but I had football on the brain (for whatever reason) and totally botched it. Now, I'm not trying to make any excuses - I mean, a joke was certainly there.. one that I should have had eagle-eyed dead center in the narrow crosshairs of juvenile playground humor that I aim for semi-daily around here. It just didn't click with what I had in the back of my mind somewhere.

Man, I'm really taking the metaphor round-a-bout these days. It's like trying to summarize a badger's nocturnal emissi... awww... forget it.

Anyhoo... I really wasn't happy with the first thing that came to my mind - and like I said, I remembered that there was something I had perused recently that would have been perfect. I just couldn't remember what it was. It was there.. I know I saw it.. but just out of reach. Darn this short term memory! Curse you college debauchery!

Well the answer came to me today while fondly thinking about Power Girl.

(By the way, in addition to odd memory lapses, the Power Girl Reminiscing Technique (PGRT) also works well to clear up poor vision, restless leg syndrome, and inpot.... nevermind.)

So ... now I give you ... Ladies and Gentlemen ... The Joke that Should Have Been!!

I feel much better now. Ahhhhh.....

(Off to play more Everquest!)

Poor Steve!

First he died, now this...

Dames. Army buddies. Not even close.

(And, Jeez! Is Everquest just as addicting as I remember it! Expect these quickies for a while now. Sorry.)

Surprisingly Only Slightly Ribald Monday

Monday! Whee!

Everything went quite over Roller Derby weekend - Our local Treasure Valley Roller Girls won (handily .. though it was a real close game until the last period), and the girls were all justly proud of beating a very good out of state team. And I must say, I've never seen a more fast paced, brutal game in person before. Clearly, both teams were giving it their all and it was absolutely a joy to witness. Seriously, if you ever get the chance - go see one of these things. It's like a brutal carnival. Or an evil disco. I dunno. It's something. Just go.

There were no less than four game stopping injuries. At one point there was an extended time out while they gingerly moved one girl already on the only ambulance stretcher in order to free it up to cart off another. Reminded me of something out of a Popeye toon.

Afterwards we pretty much took over a local bar who were smart enough to recognize a good thing when it happened.

"50+ rowdy roller girls? Yeah... Why don't you all party in here, on us... Oh - drinks are half off for you ladies. Enjoy the dance floor. Gimme a sec to go hang a sign up outside, wouldja?"

We packed the place. The band quickly noticed and really played to the situation. Local boys started pouring in and in no time, we had a thing going. A chick grinding, bar top dancing, sloppy singing, keep it all away from the children, please, thing. Quite fun well into the wee hours!

So after 'Recovery Sunday' we're back - fully rested, debauchery relieved, ripped and ready for another week.

...which makes this one a puzzler! Honestly, given this cover.... I ended up all cutesy on ya.


Yeah, there was so much potential there for naughtiness. I know.

Must be gettin' soft.

Awww.. it is kinda cute though. Li'l fella kinda reminds me of someone..

(Actually, I cheated and made up Veronica's last word bubble. Looks good, though! I'm getting better at that!)

Derby Night - The Conclusion

It's been a heck of a busy week here at Casa del Soup as the Treasure Valley Roller Girls are hosting the Lava City Derby Dolls out of Bend, Oregon tonight for the last bout of the season. And because we here at del Casa are a hospitable peoples, we have agreed for several members of the visiting team to crash with us before the flight back. That means no sleep tonight, as the after-bout celebrations are expected to last late until the wee hours. (Mental note - pick up some adult beverages.) I hope they like dogs.
I submit this to you, friend bloggers: Whatever you're doing tonight, wherever you find yourself, let me assure you that it pales in comparison to a house full of drunken Derby girls partying till dawn while still high on the adrenaline rush that only comes after skating a full-on bout, smacking the ever-lovin' hell out of a visiting team. Then drinking with them afterwards.
And as a bonus, this bout marks the first time that SexyNerdGirl will be skating full-on as a player instead of her usual role as Score Whor... errr... Rink Girl. She's stoked. And she needs to quit randomly smacking into me as "practice."

Plus, I'm officially the league's lead statistician / scorekeeper. That give me all sorts of number crunching responsibilities and such. Particularly if there's an out of town team in play. Things need to be accurate and consistent with the national requirements. 

Oh, and there's a parade tomorrow that the girls (and maybe me) have a marching spot in, an upcoming music festival that I really need to practice for (both guitar and mandolin), car work I need to get to, possible trip into work this weekend, and I'd really like to level my Everquest character up while the free promotion is going on. And our Wii Fitness just arrived in the mail.

(Bonus: It's a Pride parade. Those are crazy fun by definition. I think it's in the bylaws. Bilaws? Ahem.)

So, yeah, It's been nuts. A fun kind of nuts, but leguminous nonetheless. Ah, life!

On a related note, isn't this pretty?
Eric Powell fundraising promo for the Music City Roller Girls
See Y'all Monday! (If I recover) Play nice, you guys!

The Boys Eighteen: A Study in Good Taste

And coming from me, that's about as ironic as Alanis Morissette getting hit by a truck delivering grammatical textbooks while crossing under a WALK sign.

OK, that was quite the stretch for a simile. But it made me laugh. Carrying on...

I really should apologize for this one beforehand, but really, anything that begins initially building from the rock solid foundation that is Garth Ennis' The Boys can only lead thusly. You should kinda know that going into it.

The Boys ---> Cherry Poptart. Really not that difficult of a connection in hindsight. I fully expect a Cherry guest appearance in a future issue.

PS: Garth, Mate? Enough with the hamster. Really.

No Shoes, No Service. No Hats, ...

Pretty sure I got this panel from Sea_Of_Green.

Original Panel:

Follow-up joke:

Apologies to Hembeck, who I'm sure has made the Firestorm / Hat joke before. Professor Stein as subliminal firebug? That's mine.

EDIT: Oopps.. it was originally from SallyP. My bad.

Just a Quick FYI

Evil Temptresses: Know this...

You cannot fool Lobster Johnson.

That is all.