Rare Boobie-less Post!

So Adam over at everyone's favorite blog, Comics Make No Sense, posted a doozy of an out of context speech bubble to see what my filthy mind could do with it. And not get myself banninated. Or ostracized within the comic blog community. Or bring the Feds down on me after Google Image searching all the necessary comedic photoshop components.

See? That's pretty good, right there. Your filthy mind is just racing, isn't it? Just throwing something together myself, I went in a completely different direction than you, ya degenerate.

Eh... that's pretty good. I still have some free time.. let's jazz it up a bit.

Heh. "Pooper."

1 comment:

SallyP said...

I must admit that I was eagerly looking forward to whatever booze-induced filth you could come up with, in regards to Adams' challenge.

Why this won't even get you banned!
(but it is amusing)