Derby Night - The Conclusion

It's been a heck of a busy week here at Casa del Soup as the Treasure Valley Roller Girls are hosting the Lava City Derby Dolls out of Bend, Oregon tonight for the last bout of the season. And because we here at del Casa are a hospitable peoples, we have agreed for several members of the visiting team to crash with us before the flight back. That means no sleep tonight, as the after-bout celebrations are expected to last late until the wee hours. (Mental note - pick up some adult beverages.) I hope they like dogs.
I submit this to you, friend bloggers: Whatever you're doing tonight, wherever you find yourself, let me assure you that it pales in comparison to a house full of drunken Derby girls partying till dawn while still high on the adrenaline rush that only comes after skating a full-on bout, smacking the ever-lovin' hell out of a visiting team. Then drinking with them afterwards.
And as a bonus, this bout marks the first time that SexyNerdGirl will be skating full-on as a player instead of her usual role as Score Whor... errr... Rink Girl. She's stoked. And she needs to quit randomly smacking into me as "practice."

Plus, I'm officially the league's lead statistician / scorekeeper. That give me all sorts of number crunching responsibilities and such. Particularly if there's an out of town team in play. Things need to be accurate and consistent with the national requirements. 

Oh, and there's a parade tomorrow that the girls (and maybe me) have a marching spot in, an upcoming music festival that I really need to practice for (both guitar and mandolin), car work I need to get to, possible trip into work this weekend, and I'd really like to level my Everquest character up while the free promotion is going on. And our Wii Fitness just arrived in the mail.

(Bonus: It's a Pride parade. Those are crazy fun by definition. I think it's in the bylaws. Bilaws? Ahem.)

So, yeah, It's been nuts. A fun kind of nuts, but leguminous nonetheless. Ah, life!

On a related note, isn't this pretty?
Eric Powell fundraising promo for the Music City Roller Girls
See Y'all Monday! (If I recover) Play nice, you guys!


SallyP said...

Soup, you and Sexynerdgirl do indeed lead wild and exciting lives. I can honestly say, that nothing that I have done lately can quite compare.

But I DID find a quarter in the washing machine! Woohoo!

Sea_of_Green said...

I went out today and bought my very first box of Gerber baby rice cereal! Woo hoo! ;-)

HAVE A BLAST, you guys! I'm jealous!

I think. ;-)

SallyP said...

Hey Sea, I remember that stuff! It's pretty good if you mix it with apple juice. Er...uh...the baby will LOVE it!