Surprisingly Only Slightly Ribald Monday

Monday! Whee!

Everything went quite over Roller Derby weekend - Our local Treasure Valley Roller Girls won (handily .. though it was a real close game until the last period), and the girls were all justly proud of beating a very good out of state team. And I must say, I've never seen a more fast paced, brutal game in person before. Clearly, both teams were giving it their all and it was absolutely a joy to witness. Seriously, if you ever get the chance - go see one of these things. It's like a brutal carnival. Or an evil disco. I dunno. It's something. Just go.

There were no less than four game stopping injuries. At one point there was an extended time out while they gingerly moved one girl already on the only ambulance stretcher in order to free it up to cart off another. Reminded me of something out of a Popeye toon.

Afterwards we pretty much took over a local bar who were smart enough to recognize a good thing when it happened.

"50+ rowdy roller girls? Yeah... Why don't you all party in here, on us... Oh - drinks are half off for you ladies. Enjoy the dance floor. Gimme a sec to go hang a sign up outside, wouldja?"

We packed the place. The band quickly noticed and really played to the situation. Local boys started pouring in and in no time, we had a thing going. A chick grinding, bar top dancing, sloppy singing, keep it all away from the children, please, thing. Quite fun well into the wee hours!

So after 'Recovery Sunday' we're back - fully rested, debauchery relieved, ripped and ready for another week.

...which makes this one a puzzler! Honestly, given this cover.... I ended up all cutesy on ya.


Yeah, there was so much potential there for naughtiness. I know.

Must be gettin' soft.

Awww.. it is kinda cute though. Li'l fella kinda reminds me of someone..

(Actually, I cheated and made up Veronica's last word bubble. Looks good, though! I'm getting better at that!)


Sea_of_Green said...

OMG, someone else in the universe knows what a Blue-Footed Booby is! I'm IMPRESSED, Soup!

And, seriously -- major congrats to Sexynerdgirl and the team for the big win! And the big party! ;-)

SallyP said...

Boy howdy is Veronica catty!

It sounds as though you all had one heck of a weekend!

John said...

I just can't get that Croce song out of my head when I read your Roller Derby posts.