Dear Bat-Movie Guys:

A little helping hand. Just 'cause I care.

Based on all the buzz I've been rabidly following, it looks like the upcoming Batman movie will primarily focus on the Joker while laying the groundwork and a strong lead-in introduction and origin for the third movie's main villain, Harvey Dent/Two Face. Now normally I would be worried that you're trying to overcrowd the movie with a *lot* of material, but in this case I trust you. Really. Because from everything I've seen, going back to the last movie, you seem to know exactly what it takes to make a good - nay, incredible, Batman movie. I'm all a-titter.

Y'See, usually I have a big problem with comic movies that seem to just scatter the bad guys at the screen like they were fired from a shotgun (I'm looking at you, Spiderman 3) as if somehow more was better. But you guys did a very good job juggling the first movie's two villains (and the teaser setup for a third) and this one seems to have everything in place, just so. I'm not worried.

I understand that the fourth movie's fate is sill undecided - that nothing has been planned either way as of yet - especially where bad guys are concerned (although I think we all know which feline-themed villainess would be the natural next choice). And here's where I want to help. I have, what I think, is an excellent idea that could form the backbone for a progression that starts with Harvey in the third movie and moves easily to Selena in the fourth. It's an idea that combines the mythos and reason de existance of each villain with a modern wacky internet craze. It's the foundation of the new age. It's the way all the kids today would do it.

And, I can sum it up with three words.

Harvey. Dent's. Cat.

You can take it from there.

(Happy weekend, everyone! )


SallyP said...

Now...THAT'S terrifying!

Sea_of_Green said...

I WANT that action figure!