Or All of Pi

Like a runaway diesel locomotive plowing down the tracks, Power (Boobie) Week keeps chugging along!

(I really should call this "Hi, Googlers!" week...)

Now that he understood the assignment, Clark regretted the surgery.

That one made me groan a bit. Still, doesn't Clark look positively radiant?!?

(Tip: Silver Age and Modern Comics do not mix well. And I didn't feel like spending the extra time to 'match' them. Eh, you got free boobies, quit complaining..)

(And Hey! Improve your roller-skating!)


Jon the Intergalactic Abbreviator said...

Free boobies yes, but they're on Clark Kent man.

Ah well, guess I'll just go back and look at it a little more.

SallyP said...

Ok, now this one had me banging my head on the edge of my desk. And that teacher? She's just jealous!

FoldedSoup said...

jon: Heh. And after that, I hear you can find all kinds of free Boobies on teh Intertubes!

(I keed, I keed)

sally: Yep. I now owe you a beer and a free smack.

Blockade Boy said...

Oh, my sweet Luck Lord! Aw, man, I'm dyin' right now! Bless your heart!

Seriously, that's brilliant! I've never seen Clark look so... pert.