I Lap Floor

Well, PG Boob week is at an end. I know, I know.. I'll miss it too. It's been great fun manipulating (wink wink) these in photoshop, I gotta tell ya! The old format will (basically) be back by Monday, and we can then move on to more (ahem) weighty subjects like... umm... poop jokes and fruit pies.

Special thanks again to Sally for being such a good sport and taking this whole thing as the tribute it was always meant to be. DC hero naughty bits are now back to being your exclusive domain, girly. Well, unless I decide on Phantom Lady Week or something.

Also, I gotta say thanks to SexyNerdGirl for putting up with all this nonsense. I only had to suffer through a few of her odd sideway glances and only the occasional eye roll while I was giggling over photoshop boobies. Par for the course when dealing with me, really. I got me a good one there, my friends! I tell ya - I half expected this reaction:

"I...I'll get the surgery..."

Kidding! She knows I'm kidding! Sheesh!!

And finally ... as we leave the glorious globular goodness that was Power Girl Boobs FOREVER week ... a few live action Power Girl fan movies for your enjoyment! Both featuring a girl who can really fill PG's (umm) shoes!

Power Girl gets a job!

And... It's Power Girl, Dammit!

"You cannot beat me... Me Superman, Boobie-Girl!"

Featuring a pretty good Oracle, a Booster and Beetle cameo, and a really, really good Bizarro!

Anyway, hope y'all had some fun this week! Happy weekend, everyone!


SallyP said...

You mean she HASN'T hit you over the head yet? A keeper indeed. And it took until today to notice the blurb on the "About Me" section. Nobody ever said I was swift.

I'm sure that everyone is going to miss Peej's boobs.

Sea_of_Green said...

Awww, I miss Power Girl Boobs Forever week already. And Mr. Sea REALLY misses it. :-)