I Have a Cunning Plan...

Well, Batman does anyway:

And with that one, I'm off to see me some Original Star Trek on the big screen. I'm pretty sure someone's jealous. Countdown until he points out that the original rejected pilot was "The Cage" in 1....7.....0...1...

(Just kidding!)

(Man, this one's particularly crappy.. I could've spent another day cleaning up that done-too-many-times joke...)
(For instance, I should've used Carmine Infantino pointing hands instead of the arrows...)
(...and made it look more blue-printy...)

(Yes, I'm a big ol' geek.)


Sea_of_Green said...

Thank God for big ol' geeks. :-)

And, yes, I'M jealous that you're seeing original Trek on the big screen. Have fun, Soup!

SallyP said...

Oh sure, go out carousing, instead of staying hunched over your Photoshoppery. Slacker.

But mocking Batman is ALMOST as much fun as mocking Hal.