Rollin' Around

Well, it's been quite the busy day! I'm still going through all the new comics I picked up! A nice new selection including Ultimate Spider-Man, Casanova, Daredevil, Morrison's Batman ... I'll need a few drinks before I actually get around to reading Frank Miller's Goddamn Joker though, let me tell you!

Frank always reads better with a buzz on. Particularly whiskey. Neat. Ice is for sissies. Goddamn sissies.

Plus, The Roller Girl and I spent some time at the tattoo artists' place checking out what will eventually be her latest. And brother? It's a doozy, even going from the early sketches. She's pretty giddy about it, actually.

So, because of that, and because it's kinda late for me to make up a completely new Flash Bashing crappy photoshop joke, I instead present another quickie. Only modestly changed for that personal touch.

But still, it is a pretty spiffy Flash cover...

Never piss off a Roller Girl. Trust me.


Anonymous said...

Why do you think one of my tag lines is: "Thou shalt not make a derby girl angry." ?

Nice job. You rock.

And yes, this new tat is going to be
the best. derby. tat. ever.

Baal said...

Okay, what was the photo shop touch? I'm too tired 'cause I don't see it.

SallyP said...

For one brief second, I thought she was wearing a Green Lantern shirt, but alas, it was not to be.

Flash DOES look a tad ineffectual however.

FoldedSoup said...

On the original, she was "Kolossal Kate!"

Not a joke or anything baal, just a quickie modification to please SexyNerdGirl by referencing her derby name.

It's always nifty to see how many roller derby plots ran through comics in the later 70s. Flavor of the month, and all that...

Sea_of_Green said...

Where's James Caan when you need him? ;-)