How World War Hulk *Should Have* Ended: Finale!

It's a shame, but it's over. Oh, well.. I'm sure I can find a way to work those delicious Hostess Fruit Pies into future crappy photoshops...


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
How I thought it would end

As usual, click for Hulk Size

Kinda deep, huh? Y'see, Bruce's climactic immersion into the delicious fruit filling is actually a metaphor for the human condition, and when the dual flavor choices of Apple and Cherry is juxtaposed with the internal good vs. evil struggle that is the Hulk's epitome (green vs. red), the crux of this little morality play thus becomes unto like a...

Oh, I give up! I haven't been able to bullshit a thesis since I left college English classes.


SallyP said...

Hey, being able to bullshit a thesis is a handy skill even AFTER college. or cherry?

Anonymous said...

But, ALL Hostess Fruit pie is good!
It's an artificial dictionamy or however you spell it.