Quite Contrary

Boy, that was a long and busy weekend! I finally decided to finish all of those household errands that were put off for far too long. I spent a lot of time Spring (Summer?) cleaning, sorting through videos, doing yard work, and a lot of my little pet side projects are slightly closer to completion. Even went on a particularly long dog walk. I kept myself too busy to even find the time to read my weekly stack. Well, all of them anyway.

But, it's Monday! So back to the grind!

And by "grind," I mean "tastelessly juvenile crappy photoshop jokes!"

When we last left our dear innocent Mary Marvel she was given all of Black Adam's power and all of the corruption that comes with it. Since she doesn't was to start ripping people in half willy-nilly, she seeks guidance from Zatanna. Why? Who knows.. just go with it. Z ports her back to her li'l magic bedroom and warns Mary not to touch anything. But soon curiosity gets the better of her, and our dear Mary is caught rooting through Zatanna's bedside table...

Well, someone's gotta make Countdown worth reading. May as well be me.