The Elephant in the Room

As a baseball fan, I thought I had to offer something on Bonds tieing Hank's all-time HR record and passing him very soon. Possibly tonight, even.

I've been to my share of Braves games (my favorite team) and have actually met Mr. Aaron once. I was a bit star-struck (and young) to engage him in a conversation, but when I think of him, to this day, I remember one thing: Class.

Bonds? Not so much.

I was sitting right behind home plate for a Braves game against San Francisco one night when Bonds hit three home runs. I'll be the first to admit: That guy's impressive as hell. And he's massive, especially that close up. It really takes your breath away just how hard and how far that dude can hit a baseball.

That said, a little bit of my baseball-lovin' self will die inside as that asshole becomes the HR king, passing a genuinely fantastic human being in the process. If he does some kind of half-ass acknowledging shout-out to Hank afterwards, I swear you'll hear the screams as far as wherever you're reading this.

At least Bonds' record will only stand for a few years, judging from A-Rod's current pace.


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SallyP said...

Well, as a Red Sox fan, I'm hoping that David Ortiz beats A-Rod, but that's neither here nor there.

Yeah, Barry Bonds seems to be something of a poopypants. The whole steroid question just begs for an * !