Zee Zee Zee...

And now... Jimmy Olsen and Power Girl. A passion play in 10 panels:


I think I outdid myself with this one. But it took *way* too long to clean up the background stuff. Hopefully, this will be old hat soon. Still, The expressions against the dialog are great.

I love it when I can make myself laugh with my crappy juvenile photoshop jokes...

BTW: ... I actually used that old bar joke to get a bar girl's phone number last week. Works brilliantly. My gift to you all. Use it wisely.


Siskoid said...

Looks so seamless, I wouldn't guess at what the original sequence looks/reads like.

SallyP said...

You mean that's NOT the original sequence? But...but it makes so much sense this way!

Er...is Jimmy putting peanutbutter on that banana? Yuck.