Ah HA!

I only bought 3 comics this week, the best one at face value looking like Ex Machina. So, no Most Wanted this week. I'm sure that my writeup would only read something like, "Another great issue, as always. Great title, blabbidy blabbidy..." anyway. Jeez, that Vaughan guy's annoying like that.

So instead, let's ponder a question of serious import:

"Tell me Dinah ... just between us girls, what's the REAL reason you're marrying that known cad, scoundrel, and scallywag Oliver Queen?"

I knew it!

(Yes, that's photoshopped. Barely. Dialog was deleted, but not added to. Sometimes it's too easy.)


Siskoid said...

My God, what was the ORIGINAL dialogue?

FoldedSoup said...

Power Girl had one additional dialog bubble something along the lines of: "I didn't think he could get an arrow that size to stay in the air."

It's fairly obvious that the writer was trying to sneak something in. Got away with it, too...

SallyP said...

Not only that, but apparently, Ollie wears a size 12 shoe.