The Want List

We all have them.

Things we want. Things we need. Things we must have. A full run of Miracleman. A Martin acoustic. The Star Wars AT-AT walker. An original Jack Kirby drawing. A cell from Yellow Submarine. A '67 Fury. Whatever.

We all have lists of stuff we would like to own. They're not always written down; most of the time they're burned into our memories. Mental notes to notice these desires in case we happen to come across them one day.

And no one has a want list quite like a comic collector.

A few weeks ago I put my entire collection through it's "5 year purge" where I go through everything and decide weather or not to keep issues, try to sell them, or donate them. Some series that I thought were absolutely fantastic when I was 15 are now.. not so much. (I'm looking at you, Australian Outback X-Men!) As I do this, I'm also listing any gaps in a series that I'd like to plug.

By the time I was done, the list was pretty substantial. After I combined it with my frequently updated "If you ever come across this, BUY IT!" list it was huge.

Then I started checking out the comic blogs. Thanks to you guys, (see front page links) and all of the fantastic reviews / mockeries / nostalgia entries you've done, the list is immense, to the point where I probably have no hope of ever crossing everything off.

But, I'm going to try. And I'm going to write about it.

See, I've always wanted to start a comic blog, but there are so many already out there that it would be hard to make mine unique. I didn't just want to throw another fan-boy comic one out there into the mix.

So, I'm going to blog about this comic collector's never-ending quest to aquire all of the items on my ever-growing want list. And it won't just be comics - I mean to get all those little childhood things I promised myself I'd get when I was an adult. Most of them were from the ads inside comic books. I'll use eBay, Amazon, comic stores, bookstores, toy stores ... wherever. And - once I get something (and finish playing with it) - I'll do a little write up. And while I'm waiting for the mailman, I'll post whatever random crap creeps into my head if it's along line with the theme.

Hope you enjoy it! At the very least, this will both drain my wallet and provide me with a lot of new cool crap to play with...


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