Great Fight Scenes Revisited ... and a Question

I was going through a few of the comics I brought home from Portland and became reacquainted with this fight scene from The Question #6. (click for biggies - it really needs to be full size to appreciate it):

That right there is an awesome fight scene! Cowan's use of motion and "shock lines" in the background make this an amazingly fluid scene. And check out that entrance shot! Wowsers! That may be the basis for my next tattoo. Man, I love this series. Cowan did this kind of thing almost every issue! This particular one cost me all of 25 cents.

And it's scenes like these that make me really, really upset that we may be seeing the last of Vic, judging by 52. I mean, you can't kill off someone that can do this!! This is just too good to lose. And no, Montoya can't do this justice. Not even close.

But one thing... How did he get from this:

To this:
In one move?

That is the Question...

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Bully said...

Notice how twisted the fat man's jacket sleeves are in the second panel.

Therefore, our man Vic ducked down, spun around, and stood up again...

...all without letting go of his assailant's arms.

You think it hurts having your arm twisted a little? The Question can twist your arms 180 degrees without popping them out of the sockets.

That's why he's the Question, baby!