Boy, that was quick, huh? Been doing this for a month and have to quit? S'Up with that?

Y'See, in the real world, the job I do basically involves setting up things for several hours then hitting the "Go" button and waiting 4+ hours for the results. I wanted something to do while I was waiting, and figured I'd give this whole Blogging thing a try.

Well, wouldn't you know it, I have new responsibilities now. Gone are the days where I have the time to pay attention to this, so unless I feel like updating it after I get home each night, It's not gonna get updated.

So, let's call it sporadic updates for now. Maybe I'll get good enough at this to work it down to only taking an hour or so of my day and I can do it daily again.

Apologies to my 10s of readers!


Adam Barnett said...

I, for one, love your writing style and hope you continue. Even short entries on a daily basis is better than sporadic entries or none at all. I hope you keep at it and that it's always a labor of love for you! - adam

FoldedSoup said...

Thanks! Much appreciated! You've convinced me!

(...well, you and the fact that my horrible work schedule has lessened again...)