Monday, Monday...

I can only hope all of your weekends were as good as mine was. Sadly though, it's back to the grind - such as it is.

A few things I thought I should mention since I've finally been going through some of my long overdue read pile:

The recent arc on Action Comics ("Escape from Bizarro World"), the one starting with #855 and the perfect-for-the-subject artwork by Eric Powell, is absolutely fantastic and one of the best modern Bizarro stories I've ever read. And this last issue - #856 - is almost perfect all by itself. I mean, Bizarro Mxyzptlyk ?!?! And that's not even close to the best idea Johns and Donner throw at you. Seriously - get this arc. I scared the dogs with my vocal outbursts while reading this.

Similarly, Joss Whedon is officially knocking his Runaways run out of the Fenway with this last issue. He gets these characters that have been so close to my heart since I first came across them oh, so many years ago. And speaking of vocal outbursts, I dare you not to laugh at a few of the character moments delivered with that certain Whedon dialog touch.

I've always wondered why more Kingpin level "Maggia-ish" Marvel villains didn't bother with *exactly* what The Hood is trying in New Avengers #35. It's a talking heads comic - but it has a lot of tension driving it. And it's downright evil. Super-villain evil. As it should be. Bendis is really making me think The Hood is a viable threat. And that's saying something for a Bendis character that really seemed forced on the reader from the get-go (I'm looking at you, Ronin! And not so there fast, Sentry!)and I dismissed ever since he was in Secret Wars XVII (part III), though I loved that series. It's a worthwhile comic, if you're into the current Marvel take on the two Avengers titles, and certain complaints aside (which I share, in part), a really good piece to the big picture.

Goddamn, is Booster Gold a good comic. And by good, I mean "Freckin' FUN!" I wish there was more Jonah Hex, though...

Whelp, I still have more to go through - so here some crappy photoshop 'till tomorrow:

Hee hee. Giggle worthy, that one is.

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SallyP said...

Yes, I'm afraid that Superboy always WAS a dick.

I haven't been reading Runaways, but I've heard that it is very very good, so perhaps I should pick it up.

Booster Gold however, is probably my favorite right now (after Green Lanterns of course)