Love Devices

Totally stolen from Adam. Blame him. But to be fair, when the panels are that good to begin with, I just can't help it. Plus, it's getting near that dang holiday, so it's kinda appropriate. I guess.

Hah! Someone needed to slap that woman! I'm just glad ol' Aaron was machine enough for the job!

Speaking of slapping around the women... where's Hammerin' Hank during all this? Wasn't that his job?

I miss Nextwave. Sigh.


Sea_of_Green said...

Ha! Boy, am I glad you're back, Soup! :-D

Heh, heh, ... y'know, Wanda and the Vision probably had domestic fights very similar to this!

SallyP said... GOD, I missed these sort of shenanigans. I miss Nextwave too. Aaron should just have his own solo comic and be done with it.

TF said...

It's like Shakespeare... but with lots more (wanda) PUNCHING!

googum said...

Soup, if I haven't mentioned it, please never go away again. Nextwave is gone, and that's too much to bear already.

Anonymous said...