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Now I'm strangely hungry for some reason...

Mandolin Reign

Well, things have certainly been busy this week for a halfway decent out-of-work mandolin player who can show up for late-night events when St. Patrick's Day falls on a Tuesday!

I've still got gigs to go to! Hey.. at least I'm making money! Not getting any sleep, but.. oh well!

Did you know some bars will pay you with all the beer you can drink? That cuts out a financial transaction. And teaches those bars a valuable lesson in supply-side economics.

Get Baking, You!

Here at The Want List, we have a few sacred cows we like to celebrate every now and then. And, it helps when one of our most treasured turns out to have its very own delicious holiday! So...

Happy Pi Day, Everyone!

Pi day, in addition to being an easy excuse to ditch the diet, is actually an annual event where the Earth's calendar syncs up to the mathematical value of π: 3.14159265.... or, March 14 at 1:59 pm. It's a day of fun, frivolity, frolicking, and delicious fruit filling!

(Actually a better pi day, a once-in-a-millennium one, will come around in 2026 or in 2015 at 9:26, but I can't wait that long for pie!)


Ah, pie! Where would we be without you? Nowhere delicious, I can tell you that! As far as I'm concerned, pie makes the world go around! Why, look! Here's Batman once again using pie to apprehend the criminals!

Actually, it's part of a Goddamn Batman Micro-Bombs Fruit Pie Theme! Sorta.

Yay! So, quit bloggin' stop wastin' time and get out there and make some pie, everyone! Ummm... Pie...


And, hey! It's on a weekend this year! So, get those sweatpants on and start bakin'! To get things rolling, here's my all-time favorite chef (and fellow UGA graduate), Alton Brown showing you how easy it is to make an ultra-easy version of one of my all-time favorite pies... A Shoo-Fly Pie! (link goes to recipe) As a bonus, it gets rid of that half bottle of molasses you have hidden in the back of your pantry... and shows you how to actually make brown sugar! Wowsers!

Trust me, it's faboo!

Enjoy your pie time, kiddies!

They're the best of friends!


This is the greatest. Watchmen. Parody. Ever.

Please.. someone forward it to Mr. Moore. I think he'd enjoy it.

Holy crap, is that ever funny on so many levels!

Bitter Endings

That movie forgot something, Y'know. Personally, I didn't miss it.. but I'm sure some others did.

Still a great movie. Been thinking about it for most of the day. That's a good sign.

Dear Mr. Snyder


I watched your Watchmen last night.

It's a move that I was - quite literally - waiting 20 years to see. And not see. You see, as I grew older and re-read the book over and over again (I was one of those die-hard comic geeks that made a point of reading the book every year since I was 18. Some folks read a yearly Shakespeare, some re-read Heart of Darkness or watch Citizen Kane ... me? I did Watchmen. Every year.), I became increasingly convinced that it would never translate to film very well, in spite of my first teenage impressions of how bitchin' a movie would be. Several key elements could only be captured through the unique pacing of comics - it's camera was not the theater's camera.

Jon slow internal monologue on Mars. The Laurie / Comedian reveal. The ending, by God! - that would never work on film! Veidt as smarter-than-everyone (personally, I think you missed that one). Rorschach (which Haley absolutely NAILED). The costume sex (Zack? Please. That was unnecessary. You know what I'm talking about). The alternate time period and style. The massive character development. All of the background material that fleshed out the world with a subtlety I couldn't imagine working in film.

Part of me was relieved each time a planned film version was scrapped. It made the possibility of me having another "No, really.. the comic is soooo much better than that god-awful movie!" conversation with my non-comic friends that much further away.

So, understand that I went into this thing with (I think) realistic expectations. If not completely on the bottom of the low side. I went to honor a promise I made to my 18-year old self. I was in a large group of people - a nice mix of people who were familiar with the book / extremely familiar with the book / just finished it before the movie (including the Roller Girl) / didn't know anything about it going in.

And even though I know that no film version of Watchmen would ever be a perfect match for what I thought of in my head 20 years ago when I first was reading it (and my version would certainly disappoint scores of other fans), and even though I know (indeed, expected) elements of the book would have to be changed to better fit the vehicle of film, I have to say - that as a movie taken on it's own ... with all you had to work with to give it a proper adaption... based on all of the after-movie discussions..


Thanks. Really.

And this is coming from a guy with Rorschach tattoos. Right above his Jack Kirby ones.

But, man.. you gotta fix that soundtrack! UGG!


Hey! There's some kinda weird new movie opening this week! Not sure what it's about, really. Based on the trailers, it looks like a live action Gorillaz video... or The Goddamn Blue Man GroupTM... or some sort of super-hero latex costume porn thing. Not that I've ever watched anything like that, mind you!*

Anyhoo, let's take that opportunity, mix it up with that 'ol Sluggo panel, and make it into a (sorta) theme (semi) quickie (half) week!

What'cha think?

Yep! Me too!

*Heck, I've got FOLDERS of the stuff. Sorted alphabetically. According to character.

Burden to Society

So... guess who's unemployed?

Posting may be a bit sporadic for a while.