Get Baking, You!

Here at The Want List, we have a few sacred cows we like to celebrate every now and then. And, it helps when one of our most treasured turns out to have its very own delicious holiday! So...

Happy Pi Day, Everyone!

Pi day, in addition to being an easy excuse to ditch the diet, is actually an annual event where the Earth's calendar syncs up to the mathematical value of π: 3.14159265.... or, March 14 at 1:59 pm. It's a day of fun, frivolity, frolicking, and delicious fruit filling!

(Actually a better pi day, a once-in-a-millennium one, will come around in 2026 or in 2015 at 9:26, but I can't wait that long for pie!)


Ah, pie! Where would we be without you? Nowhere delicious, I can tell you that! As far as I'm concerned, pie makes the world go around! Why, look! Here's Batman once again using pie to apprehend the criminals!

Actually, it's part of a Goddamn Batman Micro-Bombs Fruit Pie Theme! Sorta.

Yay! So, quit bloggin' stop wastin' time and get out there and make some pie, everyone! Ummm... Pie...


And, hey! It's on a weekend this year! So, get those sweatpants on and start bakin'! To get things rolling, here's my all-time favorite chef (and fellow UGA graduate), Alton Brown showing you how easy it is to make an ultra-easy version of one of my all-time favorite pies... A Shoo-Fly Pie! (link goes to recipe) As a bonus, it gets rid of that half bottle of molasses you have hidden in the back of your pantry... and shows you how to actually make brown sugar! Wowsers!

Trust me, it's faboo!

Enjoy your pie time, kiddies!


Joe Biden Wenegar said...

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SallyP said...

Oddly enough, I just happen to have an apple pie cooling on the kitchen counter!

Is that a coincidence or what?

TF said...



Sea_of_Green said...

Does Quiche count? ;-)