Derby Weekend

Hey kiddles -

I'm off as official scorekeeper and stats dude to travel with the Treasure Valley Roller Girls as they take on the Midnight Terrors of Watsatch, UT (Salt Lake City, really). Should be a great bout!

I don't think it's streamed or anything, but if it is, it would be at the Watsatch site somewhere.


Friday Movie Night


I know I'm really *really* late to this observation. And I know that I'm not breaching any new ground here.

And I know that I might be losing some comic geek cred by admitting that I've only seen it once. And not under the best of circumstances.

And I know I really should've scrutinized it far better and far earlier than I have. And with a better eye towards comics vs. cinema and the adaptation process that should connect them both. How both mediums are distinct and - when using each other - should take the best bits and work towards an end product that highlights the pinnacles of both.

But.. here, late tonight, while working on some homework.. I had Batman Begins on in the background. For the fist time since.. well, since I saw it in the theater!

Holy Crap! That's one fantastic movie!

Y'know... I've learned to appreciate my tendency of forgetting former life experiences and relearning the initial joy of the experience again.

But, maybe that's me.


The Greatest Poster in Roller Derby History*!!

Courtesy of Eric Powell.

Man, that's positively Dëthklöckian!

(* apologies, of course to Mr. Popular, who - I think - would agree with me.)

"Back tomorrow... promise!"

Ok... I lied.

We'll shoot for tomorrow.

(man, I've been busy!)

Still Here

Yep.. still here! And with a quickie post while I'm thinking about it!

Among the many, many things that have happened to me during the last few months (and, I hope to get a post to y'all about that once I get my bearings back), I ended up finishing a long-term, often procrastinated project whereby I set out to learn all about DVD burning by creating a TV compilation. Specifically, a Sci-Fi compilation.

My goal was to create a compilation of great Sci-Fi TV shows that could stand on their own merits - where you wouldn't have to know anything about the series to enjoy the episode. Some shows, like Twilight Zone and Futurama, were an easy fit. Others, like BSG, Babylon 5, and Farscape, were a bit troublesome for single episode understating. But - I tried to find that one episode - probably not the *best* episode, mind you - that would impress a virgin viewer. Stand alone stuff. It would serve as a great introduction to friends and family for shows they just might like to peruse further.

And it would make a great holiday gift. I'm cheap that way.

So - just to post it here ('cause, heck.. I should probably post *anything* at this point), here's the setlist. Please comment your disapproval. Teh internets are funnay that way.

(Edit: Huh.. Bolgger didn't take the cut'n'paste Word page. Strange.)

OK, fixed - here's the list:

Disc 1
Star Trek:TOS - Balance of Terror
X-Files - Jose Chung's From Outer Space
Futurama - Jurassic Bark
Firefly - Out of Gas
MST3K - Mr. B Natural
Dr. Who - Blink

Disc 2
The Outer Limits - The Architects Of Fear
MST3K - The Days of Our Years
Dollhouse - Unaired Pilot
Farscape - DNA Mad Scientist
Twilight Zone - It's a Good Life
Star Trek:TNG - The Inner Light

Disc 3
Torchwood - Random Shoes
Babylon 5 - The Coming Of Shadows
Cowboy Bebop - Toys in the Attic
BSG - 33
Star Trek:DS9 - The Visitor
MST3K - Once Upon a Honeymoon

See? Fun for everyone!

(Little note - the MST3K's are some of their shorts, used for filler space only. Not the best ones, by far. I really couldn't justify a typical, full length episode - as much as I'd like to spread the Torgo around.)

Back tomorrow... promise!