Friday Movie Night


I know I'm really *really* late to this observation. And I know that I'm not breaching any new ground here.

And I know that I might be losing some comic geek cred by admitting that I've only seen it once. And not under the best of circumstances.

And I know I really should've scrutinized it far better and far earlier than I have. And with a better eye towards comics vs. cinema and the adaptation process that should connect them both. How both mediums are distinct and - when using each other - should take the best bits and work towards an end product that highlights the pinnacles of both.

But.. here, late tonight, while working on some homework.. I had Batman Begins on in the background. For the fist time since.. well, since I saw it in the theater!

Holy Crap! That's one fantastic movie!

Y'know... I've learned to appreciate my tendency of forgetting former life experiences and relearning the initial joy of the experience again.

But, maybe that's me.

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Captain Infinity said...

The Dark Knight gets all the attention now, but for my money Batman Begins was the better film.