You're Superman and you happen to be flying past a costume party when your X-Ray vision notices that Robin Hood has accidentally mistaken a real arrow for the cardboard one he was supposed to be using for a party game. He's about to William Tell some kid, so you have to ACT FAST!


Do you:

A) Quickly fly in and get between the archer and the kid?
B) Melt the arrow with your heat vision?
C) Use super-breath to do... umm... something?
D) Tunnel underground to get into the party quickly?
E) Let the doofy kid take one. Serves him right for that haircut [Superboy Prime only]?
F) Use any random wacky Silver Age super-solution?

Hint: This is Silver Age Superman.

Remember! You have to ACT FAST! Time's running out! No dilly-dallying, mister! A kid's life is on the line!

You certainly wouldn't have time for... oh... say ... THIS:

Taken from Lois Lane #191. It's been used before, will be used again.

And to think.. the Roller Girl actually asked me why I read things like 50 year old Lois Lane's. All I had to do was to show her that sequence.

"Ah. That's .... um... yeah."

(See? More posts! Hiatus slowly working it's way off...)


...is sick of playing 4th wheel.

Panels from World's Finest #85. Hiatus slowly easing up. Hopefully.

(Boy, Robin looks pissed!)