Internet = teh suxors

As if everything else wasn't going on... the internet connection I have here at home is bad enough that I have several technicians from the main branch of my local provider out here to examine the problem. It's like an extra geeky episode of House. Current theory is that it's a bandwith limitation problem, but I told them that my pr0n is on the unshared network. Even showed them. Twice. Now they won't leave.

Hope it all resolves itself soon.. I haven't forgotten you guys.. it's just, well.. life and all. And bad technology. Be back soon!


SallyP said...

Computer troubles can indeed make a grown man weep.

TF said...

they can also make a shrunken one weep.

sorry :-)
Hope things straighten out soon.

Sky_of_Blue said...

You, too?!? Yeah, our router died recently. It was a ROYAL pain.

Here's hoping your tech is fixed soon, Soup!