CC'd Dino Bits

Once again, another head's up from Mr. Popular, who's on a Roller Derby Drawin' Tear recently (Go check out his new drawings!):

My goodness.. if I had the stand-up talent.. and could pull off "surly and argumentative" (I can't), this would be my routine.


Mmmm.... I like it!

Not as weird as you think!

(Thanks, man!)

EDIT: Both the video and the picture are from SuperPunch. I need to spend more time there.


From the "Not seen it yet, but judging it on the new trailers" Dept.

(And, yes, I know.. I'm hoping *far* too much for this movie. And trailers are trailers.)

..If Batman somehow had "magical" powers worked into his origin?

Yeah.. he wouldn't be so interesting, would he?

EDIT: (Added the latest video) Wow. It's gonna be worse than I thought.